South African Translation Agency

Translation agency Lingo24 was founded in 2001 in Aberdeen, UK, and today we’re over 150 people (Lingo-ists) strategically located around the world.

Our European operational centre in Timisoara, Romania, services South African business hours. And we provide 24-hour customer support via our hubs in the Americas (Panama) and Asia (Cebu City, Philippines).

These international hubs are the nerve centres of our translation agency, and combined with our sales and marketing offices in London and Edinburgh (Head Office), they enable us to build lasting local relationships with clients in South Africa and world-wide.

Our focus is on customer service, quality in translation and flexibility. We use technology to help us deliver on these, but not to do the translation itself.

Our rigorous recruitment policies and quality management processes ensure we always maintain the highest possible standards, and our five unique service levels cater for any translation requirement.

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